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Images of Pam & John's relatives

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Mary Ann Maris (Nee Clark) (1848-1935)2029 viewsJohn's fourth cousins twice removed Daisy, Rose and Helena Maris with their mother Mary
[Photo by permission of Eric Skilton]
Daniel James Maris (1906-1992)1990 viewsJohn's fifth cousin once removed
[Photo by permission of Frances Wright]
Alfred Thompson (1862-1930) 1913601 viewsJohn's second cousin twice removed Alfred Thompson (seated right), great grandson of John Maris & Catherine Cockerton, on the marriage of his daughter Annie Ellen Thompson (1894-1969) to Richard Charles Buckley (1893-1976).
[Photo by permission of Jeanine Avery]
Arthur Victor Clowes (1912-1949)562 viewsPam's sixth cousin. Fifth great grandson of John Clowes & Ann Hulme
[Photo by permission of David Attenborough]
Arthur Victor Clowes (1889-1917)535 viewsPam's fifth cousin once removed. Fourth great grandson of John Clowes & Ann Hulme
[Photo by permission of David Attenborough]
Charles Leese (b.1903)528 viewsPam's fourth cousin once removed. Third great grandson of Richard Clowes & Ann Vickerstaff
[Photo by permission of Beverley Dawson]
Jack Eaton and Flora (Nee Lunt) July 1936507 viewsPam's father and mother on their wedding day
Clowes family group 1885497 viewsClowes family group on the occasion of the Diamond Wedding of their parents Pam’s first cousin five times removed George Clowes and his wife Hannah Nee Alsop

Back (l to r): John (b.1831), Elsha (Elihu) (b.1849), James (b.1838), Leonard (b.1847) and George (b.1829)
Front (l to r): Martha (b.1827) and Mary Ann (b.1836)
[Photo by permission of Denise Hoyland]
Sarah Ann Barley (Nee Embleton) (1853-1890)496 viewsJohn's grand Aunt Sarah Ann Barley. Daughter of Henry Cuthbert Embleton
[Photo by permission of Dave Bennett]
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