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George Clowes and Hannah (Nee Alsop) 1885431 viewsPam's first cousin five times removed George Clowes (1804-1886), grandson of John Clowes & Ann Hulme, with his wife Hannah (1805-1886) - pictured right -on their Diamond Wedding with - pictured left - Hannah's brother Joe and George's sister Sarah.
[Photo by permission of Denise Hoyland]
James Maris and Emily (Nee Gutteridge) Date unknown427 viewsJohn's parents Jim and Emily in Harlestone Firs, Northampton
Lawrence Knight Clark (1900-1974) 419 viewsJohn's fifth cousin once removed Lawrence Knight Clark. Fourth great grandson of John Maris & Elizabeth Tunwell.
Pictured during the 1930s.
[Photo by permission of Jane Douglass]
Rose Maris (1901-1990)417 viewsJohn's first cousin twice removed. Granddaughter of Richard Maris & Frances Morris.
[Photo by permission of Celia Dobbie]
Stella Nancy Thompson (1904-1986) 1922417 viewsJohn's third cousin once removed. Second great granddaughter of John Maris & Catherine Cockerton.
[Photo by permission of Jeanine Avery]
Daniel Clark Maris (1884-1946)411 viewsJohn's fourth cousin twice removed Daniel Maris. Third great grandson of John Maris and Elizabeth Tunwell
[Photo by permission of Frances Wright]
William, Florrie and John Embleton411 viewsJohn's first cousin once removed William H Embleton with his wife Florence (Nee Dixon) and son John Dixon Embleton
[Photo by permission of Dave Bennett]
Emma E Stubbs (Nee Bebbington)405 viewsPam's fourth cousin once removed Emma Bebbington (1890-1927). Third great granddaughter of John Lowe and Martha Nodin
[Photo by permission of Andy Micklethwaite]
Moses Harding Lowe and Hilda May (Nee Locker)398 viewsPam's first cousin once removed Moses Lowe (1907-1976) with his wife Hilda (1904-1979)
[Photo by permission of Peter and Doreen Lowe]
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