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Images of Pam & John's relatives

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Clowes family group 1885488 viewsClowes family group on the occasion of the Diamond Wedding of their parents Pam’s first cousin five times removed George Clowes and his wife Hannah Nee Alsop

Back (l to r): John (b.1831), Elsha (Elihu) (b.1849), James (b.1838), Leonard (b.1847) and George (b.1829)
Front (l to r): Martha (b.1827) and Mary Ann (b.1836)
[Photo by permission of Denise Hoyland]
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William Eaton (1872-1951)380 viewsPam's grandfather William Eaton02/28/12 at 18:32admin: Regrettably, I can see no connection with the Eato...
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