Some notes on John's Maris ancestors
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Linton Families

See the Great Shelford Families page for earlier generations.

Thomas MARIS (b.1748)

Thomas MARIS was born in Great Shelford the fifth son of John MARIS and Elizabeth TUNWELL. He worked in the leather trade as a collarmaker all his life. Thomas married Rebecca MARSH in Linton in 1779 and they had five children. On his death in 1823, his freehold shop in Linton passed to his eldest son John MARIS and the yard and offices passed jointly to John and his brother Thomas. The stock in trade of the collar and harness making business passed jointly to the two sons on the death of Rebecca in 1833.

Of Thomas' siblings John (b.1734) married Elizabeth STACEY in Trumpington where they had four children and founded the Trumpington branch of the family. John farmed there all his life marrying Mary COLLIER after the death of Elizabeth and having a further eight children. Richard (b.1736) died at the age of twenty. Martha (b.1738) married Matthew NORRIS and had four children. William (b.1740) was a farmer in Great Shelford. His first marriage to Eleanor ANSELL was childless. On her death he married Mercy STORY and had five children. Allington (b.1742) also farmed in Shelford. He married Elizabeth TUNWELL and had three children. Sarah (b.1744) married Thomas Cock, a farmer, and had one child. Elizabeth (b.1746) remained unmarried. Mary (b.1748) married John MILLER, a baker in Great Shelford. There were no known children.

John MARIS (b.1779)

John MARIS carried on the family business working all his life in Linton as a sadler and harness maker together with his brother Thomas and sister Rebecca. John married Catherine COCKERTON in Weston Colville in 1808. They had four sons and three daughters. Of the sons, Thomas and William continued working in the family business.

Of John's other siblings Mary (b.1782) married James PERRY and had six children all of which were born in Linton. Elizabeth (b.1786) married Edward WHIFFIN and had five children.

Richard MARIS (b.1822)

Richard MARIS was born in 1822 in Linton the seventh child of John MARIS and Catherine COCKERTON. He moved to Cambridge where he worked as a shoemaker. In 1844, he was married in Cambridge to Frances MORRIS from Little Eversden. They had five children. The eldest John MARIS was born in 1845 and subsequently moved to Northampton. Richard died in the Cambridge Union Workhouse in 1869 - seven years after the death of Frances.

Of Richard's siblings Thomas (b.1808) remained in Linton as a harness maker - probably in the family business. He married Elizabeth BURTON and had nine children. John (b.1810) emigrated to Australia and founded the Australian branch of the family. Little is known of Mary Ann Cockerton (b.1811), but Hannah (b.1814) had one illegitimate child and Sarah (b.1818) married David PEARSON and had two children. William (b.1820) also remained in Linton working as a harness maker. He married Lydia Reave in 1862.

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