Some notes on John's Maris ancestors

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Great Shelford Families

See the Linton Families and Northampton Families pages for later generations.

These pages cover the paternal line of John's father James Maris. The earliest known ancestors are John & Avis Mayris of Great Shelford in Cambridgeshire. The line descends through John's four greats grandfather Thomas who moved to Linton and great grandfather John who moved to Northampton where James lived all his life.

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John MAYRIS (b.Abt 1551)

The birth of John MAYRIS - possibly as early as 1542 - came before the start of parish records, but he is thought to be the progenitor of all the MARIS families in Cambridgeshire. His marriage to Avis GYLLSON in 1572 is to be found in the Great Shelford parish registers. The birth date of Avis is similarly uncertain, but she married Matthew COOLIDGE in 1562, had six children and then went on to have a further three by her second husband.

John MAYRIS (b.1577)

Little is known about John MAYRIS. He was baptised in 1577 the third child of John MAYRIS and Avis GYLLSON. He married Joanne BOOTHE in Great Shelford in 1615 and the baptisms of four children are recorded between 1616 and 1629.

Of John's siblings Franncis (b.1572) had at least one child before he died at the age of about twenty three. Ann (b.1573) married John BADGER and had five children.

John MARIS (b.1621)

John MARIS was baptised in Great Shelford in 1621 the third child of John MAYRIS & Joanne BOOTHE. He married Mary HOWLINGE in Great Shelford in 1643 and they had three children. Mary's date of death is not known, but she inherited twenty pounds on the death of her father Thomas HOWLINGE in 1648. John went on to marry Sarah FARROW in 1649/50.
Mary HOWLINGE is a key person in Maris Ancestry as she is the link - through her mother Allington AUSTIN - to the "Royal Line" up to King Edward I of England.

Of John's siblings Sara (b.1616) married George CHAPMAN and had two children. The other two siblings died in infancy.

John MARIS (b.1648)

John MARIS was baptised in Great Shelford in 1648 the youngest child of John MARIS and Mary HOWLINGE. He married Sarah KEMP in Great Shelford in 1670/71. Little is known about either of them except that two children were baptised before Sarah's death in 1679. John had two further children after his second marriage to Sarah THOROWGOOD in 1684.

Little is known of John's two sisters.

Click here to see a PDF report of known descendants of John Maris

John MARIS (b.1677/78)

John MARIS was baptised in Great Shelford the second child of John MARIS and Sarah KEMP. He is believed to have married Sarah (surname unknown)and baptisms of three children are recorded between 1706 and 1712.

John's true sister Mary (b.1676) died at the age of five. His step bother William (b.1685) married Mary SHED. After her death in 1713, he married Ann HANCOCK and had four children. His step sister Susanna (b.1687) married John POYNARD or PUNYARD and had three children.

John MARIS (b.1712)

John MARIS, the third child of John MARIS & Sarah, was a Yeoman farmer in Great Shelford. He married Elizabeth TUNWELL (a descendant of the TUNWELLs of Fulbourn) in 1734. They had nine children. The eldest - John MARIS (b.1734) - moved to Trumpington and founded that branch of the family. The others remained in Great Shelford except for Thomas MARIS (b.1748), who founded the Linton branch by marrying Rebecca MARSH in 1779. John MARIS of Great Shelford is recorded as farming part of the Frevilles estate with "the widow TUNWELL" in 1756. It is known that Elizabeth TUNWELL's younger brother Richard (who died in 1755) inherited freehold property in Great Shelford on his father's death in 1719.

Of John's siblings Sarah (b.1706) had two children by her first marriage to Thomas TUNWELL and a further two by her second marriage to Edward KEATES. Mary (b.1708) married Charles PLEASANT and had one child.

See the Linton Families and Northampton Families pages for later generations.

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