Some notes on Pam's Lowe ancestors

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Kidsgrove Families

See the Church Lawton Families page for earlier generations.

Peter LOWE (b.1843)

Photo of Peter LOWE

Peter was born in Hardingswood the sixth child of John and Mary LOWE. He married Emily HARDING in Kidsgrove in 1871 and they had eight children. Peter was employed variously as moulder, fireman and colliery labourer. The family lived at Chapel Road, Kidsgrove and by 1901 had moved to Wesley Street.

Of Peter's siblings Ann (b.1835) married James WOODS who worked as an agricultural labourer. They had five children and lived in Arclid and later in Brereton. Ann died in 1883 and James in 1897. John (b.1837) married Ann YATES and had six children. They lived in Church Lawton where John worked as a boiler stoker and then Kidsgrove where John was an engine man. By 1901, however, he had a fried fish and potato shop in Attwood Street. Matilda (b.1840) married James FARRINGTON who worked initially as a commercial clerk in Alsager, but then became manager of an Iron Works in Norton-in-the-Moors, Staffordshire. They had two children. Thomas (b.1845) married Harriet BOWEN from Greenwich, Kent. They lived in Poplar, Middlesex where Thomas worked variously as engineer, steam engine maker and milling machinist. Alfred (1849) worked as a boilermaker in Kidsgrove. Mary (b.1851) died in 1871 at the age of 19

Elizabeth Harding LOWE (b.1879)

Photo of Elizabeth Harding LOWE

Elizabeth was the fourth child of Peter and Emily LOWE. She was born in Chapel Road, Kidsgrove and was living at Wesley Street at the time of her marriage to Lucas LUNT in 1904. In common with most mothers at the time, most of Elizabeth's time was spent in running the home and looking after her seven children. In her spare time, she enjoyed crochet work. The Diamond Wedding of Elizabeth and Lucas was celebrated in 1964 and the couple received a telegram from the Queen. (See Press Cutting).

Of Elizabeth's siblings John Thomas (b.1872) married Sarah Jane BENNETT and worked as a blacksmith in Kidsgove. They had two children. Moses Harding (b.1874) married Sarah Ann BROAD and had two children. Moses worked initially as a butcher and later as a grocer in Tunstall. George William (b.1877) married Olive WILSON and worked as a coal miner in Kidsgove before moving to Alsager. They had no children. Florence Harding (b.1881) married Harry HALL and had no children. Harry died in 1938. Florrie lived in Kidsgrove before becoming a resident of Fairhaven Home, Knypersley where she celebrated her 100th birthday in 1981. She died in 1982 at the age of 101. Mary Matilda (b.1885) was known as Tilly. She married Frederick SUMMERSKILL who was employed as a clerk in Poplar, London in 1911. They had one child. Harriet (b.1886) married Ernest COOPER and had three children - all born in Kidsgrove. Daisy Harding (b.1889) married Arthur HAMBLET.

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