Some notes on Pam's Lowe ancestors
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Church Lawton Families

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These pages cover the maternal line of Pam's mother Flora LUNT originating in North Staffordshire or South Cheshire. The trail begins in the Brereton area of South heshire.

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James LOWE

Nothing is yet known about Pam's seventh great grandfather James except that he had a son Thomas Lowe who was baptised in Brereton in 1685.

Thomas LOWE (b.1685)

Pam's sixth great grandfather Thomas married Margaret Dean in Brereton cum Smethwick. They settled within the parish at Davenport where Thomas leased land and worked as a blacksmith. They had four children.

Thomas LOWE (1719-1758)

Thomas lived his whole life in Davenport. He married Ann Wooley in Macclesfield in 1743. They had seven childen.

Nothing is yet known of Thomas's siblings.

John LOWE (1749-1819)

Pam's fourth great grandfather John married Martha NODIN against the wishes of her parents and the marriage took place in Prestbury in 1774. Martha was named in the will of her father Ralph NODEN, but her children were specifically excluded from any benefit. The baptismal registers for Betley, Staffs have entries for four sons born to "John and Martha LOWE of Barthomley" between 1777 and 1783. The baptisms of four later children are recorded in the Church Lawton parish registers. When John died at Blakenhall in the parish of Wybunbury, Cheshire in 1819, his will named his wife Martha, seven of his eight known children and a ninth child John LOWE of whom no trace has yet been found. Martha subsequently married a Mr. Rowlinson and died in Gonslowe in 1831. She was buried at Wybunbury with her first husband.

Click here to see a PDF report of known descendants of John Lowe

Thomas LOWE (1776-1825)

Thomas was the eldest child of John & Martha LOWE. He is variously recorded as farmer and yeoman in Church Lawton, Cheshire. He married Martha POINTON by licence in Church Lawton in 1806 and they had three children - Ann, John and Ellen. Following Martha's death in 1822, Thomas married Jane PALFREYMAN - also in Church Lawton. They had two children named Mary and Martha. Thomas died in 1825. His will refers to freehold estate at Little Overton, Biddulph; a freehold dwellinghouse, land and premises at Little Carr, Biddulph; two dwellings at Commercial Street, Burslem; together with household goods, farming stock and implements etc. There is no reference to ownership of Moss House, Church Lawton where he was living at the time of his death.

The will as drafted left the income from Little Overton to his second wife Jane during her lifetime with the proceeds divided between her children on her death. Little Carr, Burslem and household goods were to be divided between Ann, Ellen and John (children of his first wife Martha). A codicil dated 12 November 1825 left the income from Little Carr to Jane LOWE for the maintenance of her children and to be sold when the youngest attains 21 with the proceeds shared between them. The Burslem property was left to Ann LOWE at age 21 (shared between children of both marriages if deceased).

After the death of Thomas, Jane LOWE (Nee PALFREYMAN) lived with her daughter Mary in Buglawton and Eaton. Following Mary's marriage to Joseph STUBBS in 1862, Jane lived with them at Bosley until her death in 1886 at the age of ninety six.

Of Thomas' siblings, Ralph (b.1780) became the publican of the Talbot Inn at Biddulph where he died in 1853. he married Sarah BERRISFORD and had nine children. Joseph (b.1782) became a local Methodist preacher in the Burslem circuit and met his wife Mary Jane BARNETT when preaching at Weston in 1807. They had eight children - the first seven born in Wybunbury and the last in Biddulph where his wife died in 1827. Their eldest son John married his cousin Ellen LOWE, worked as butcher in Manchester and emigrated to Australia where he served as a Member of the Legislative Council of the State of Victoria prior to his death in 1867. Their second son Thomas remained in England and became the founder of the Wesleyan Chapel in Rusholme, Manchester. His life and work is recorded in a book "Memorials of Mr. Thomas Lowe" by the Rev Edward Strutt published in 1892. The book can be downloaded as a PDF file from the Rusholme and Victoria Park website maintained by Bruce Anderson.

Three younger sons also emigrated to Australia. Having spent some years in Congleton after his wife's death followed by short periods in Wybunbury and Rusholme, Joseph emigrated at Christmas 1843 to join his four sons and spent many years preaching far and wide before his death in 1863 at the age of eighty one. George (b.1785) married Mary Turner and had four children. He occupied a Public House in Burslem at the time of his father's death in 1819. James (b.1789) married Ellen ROBINSON at Wybunbury in 1812. They had seven children. He was still living at Blakenhall at the time of his father's death, but later moved to Liverpool. After his death, Ellen remained as a Cow Keeper in Rathbone Street latterly living in the household of her son-in-law William Okell. Matthew (b.1791) married Jane WALKER at Great Budworth in 1825 and had six children. Jane died in 1838. By 1851 Matthew had moved to Liverpool where he was employed as a porter and was living with his nephew William Lowe. He later moved to Buglawton, Cheshire. Little is known about the other siblings except that some of them inherited income from their father's properties in Burslem.

John LOWE (1809-1891)

John was the second child of Thomas and Martha LOWE. At the time of his marriage to Mary SMITH in Church Lawton in 1833 his occupation was recorded as servant. John and Mary had nine children. By 1835 John was in the grocery trade and spent a large part of his working life as a grocer in Hardingswood - between Kidsgrove and Church Lawton. By 1871, the family had moved to Heathcote Street, Kidsgrove and John was working as a corn warehouseman. The 1881 Census return shows them as having retired to Millstone Field, Audley, Staffs. Following Mary's death in 1888, John moved to stay with his son Peter's family in Chapel Road, Kidsgrove where he died in 1891.

Some references to John's sisters and step sisters can be found in the provisions of their father's will described above. Of John's true sisters, Ann married Samuel POINTON in Burslem in 1829. They had six children in Church Lawton. Ellen married her cousin John LOWE - see above. Of John's step sisters, Mary (b.1823) was still living with her mother Jane (Nee PALFREYMAN) in Eaton, Cheshire in 1861. She then married Joseph STUBBS a provision dealer in Bosley, Cheshire. Martha (b.1825) married Charles ELMORE in Arclid in 1852 and had five children. By 1861, the family had moved to Manchester where Charles was a baker. Martha died in 1868.

See the Kidsgrove Families page for later generations.

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