Some notes on John's Gutteridge ancestors

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This page covers Northampton families in the paternal line of John's mother Emily May GUTTERIDGE. Those identified to date lived in the parish of All Saints, Northampton. The narrative starts with John's third great grandfather Henry GUTTERIDGE.

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Henry GUTTERIDGE (b. Abt 1787)

No baptism has yet been found for Henry. He may, of course, have been born elsewhere. In 1813, he married Sarah GOLDING in the parish church of All Saints in Northampton town centre. They had eight children.

Henry worked as a waterman in the South Quarter of the parish of All Saints adjacent to the River Nene and was living in Bridge Street at the time of his death in January 1840 at the age of 53. His occupation was recorded as Lighterman on his death certificate. Sarah died in December 1840 at the age of 47. In both cases, the cause of death was tuberculosis.

No siblings of Henry have yet been identified, but Sarah had a sister Elizabeth who was present at her death.

George GUTTERIDGE (b.1824)

George was the sixth of nine children born to Henry and Sarah GUTTERIDGE. He lived his whole life in the parish of All Saints, Northampton where - except for a brief period as a beer seller - he was employed as a moulder in an iron foundry. In 1854, George married Hannah MERRILL (or MERALL) in Northampton Register Office. Hannah's parents came from Yorkshire, but she was born in Lancashire shortly before her family moved to Northampton. George and Hannah lived in the Bridge Street area, between Northampton Town Centre and the River Nene, and had five children. George died in Northampton in 1892.

Of George's eight siblings, Caroline (b.1813) married Robert ORTON and had at least two children. Elizabeth (b.1815) married Arthur Watts who started out as a grate fitter and became foreman in an iron foundry. They had seven children. Susannah (b. 1819) married george Frith who was an iron moulder. They had five children. Sarah (b.1830) was disabled and receiving parochial relief. She never married and lived for at least ten years with her brother George and his family. By 1881, she was an inmate in Northampton Union Workhouse and died in 1909.

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George GUTTERIDGE (b.1858)

George was the second of five children born to George and Hannah GUTTERIDGE and was employed as a clicker in the shoe trade. He married Emily Jane WILSON (daughter of William WILSON and Matilda HUTT) in 1880. They lived in the parish of St Sepulchre had only one child before George died in 1889 at the age of 31. Emily subsequently married Harry WHITEHOUSE, a boot finisher, and they moved to Kingsthorpe.

Of George & Hannah's other children, Henry (b.1856) married Eliza BRAMLEY and worked as a clicker. They had five children.William (b.1861) married Harriet RATE and also worked as a clicker. They had five children. Emily (b. 1866) married Thomas Clarke and had six children.Joseph (b.1869) worked as a labourer and married Mary Ann DICKENS.

William Normanton GUTTERIDGE (b.1881)

William (John's grandfather) is the only child of George and Emily GUTTERIDGE. His second name comes from the given name of his great grandfather Norminton MERALL. William was brought up in Kingsthorpe by his mother and step father and went on to work as a boot and shoe finisher. He married Priscilla May HAMBLETON (who had previously been married to Thomas LOAKES) in 1911. William suffered a shrapnel wound during military service in WW1. He went on to work as a labourer and died in Kingsthorpe in 1935 at the age of 53.

Little is known of William's step brother Harry WHITEHOUSE except that he was employed as an errand boy in a shoe factory in 1901 and was working as a boot finisher in Leeds, Yorkshire in 1911.

Emily May GUTTERIDGE (b.1912)

Photo of Emily May MARIS (b.1912)

John's mother Emily was the eldest of two children born to William and Priscilla. She suffered poor health and spent part of her school years living with distant relatives in Turvey, Bedfordshire. On her return to Northampton, she worked for Geo. Webb & Co. as a shoe machinist. Emily married James ("Jim") MARIS son of William MARIS and Eleanor BAZELEY in 1937. They lived with Emily's mother initially in Earl Street and subsequently in Duke Street. The family moved to Cecil Road in the early 1960s where Emily died in 1973 at the age of 60.

Emily had only one true sibling. Her younger brother William Normanton Gutteridge - known to his friends as "Norman" - was born in 1915 and died in 1947 at the age of 32. Emily also had four step siblings from her mother's first marriage to Thomas LOAKES. Thomas Henry (b.1892) married Eva Mary PRATT. They had no children. Tom died in 1959 and Eva married Arthur STAPLETON who died in 1974. Eva died in 1975. Albert Henry (b.1898) was known as George. He married Lily KINDER in 1926 and had two children. Henry (b.1900) married Doris M BIRD and had one child. Priscilla May (b.1902) married Percy William LONGHURST and had one child.

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