Some notes on John's Embleton ancestors

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This page covers families in the paternal line of John's great grandfather Henry Cuthbert EMBLETON. The narrative starts with fourth great grandfather Cuthbert EMBLETON.

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Cuthbert EMBLETON (d. 1784)

The origins of the EMBLETON family are uncertain. The surname is well represented in Northumberland and Durham, each of those counties having a settlement of that name. The earliest known record of Cuthbert is in Richmond, Yorkshire where he married Elizabeth STOREY, daughter of Henry, in 1768. They went on to have five children - all baptised in Richmond where Cuthbert worked as a mason.

No siblings of Cuthbert or Elizabeth have yet been identified.

Henry EMBLETON (b.1769)

Henry was the eldest son of Cuthbert & Elizabeth EMBLETON. Henry worked as a gardener in Richmond, Yorkshire where he married Isabella HUMPHREY in 1800. They had three children. Henry and Isabella were still living in Richmond at the time of their deaths in 1836 and 1842 respectively.

Of Henry's siblings, little is known of Mary (b.1773) and Peggy (b.1782). Thomas (b.1779) died in 1783 and Cuthbert (b.1776) lived until 1838.

Cuthbert EMBLETON (b.1801)

Cuthbert was the eldest child of Henry and Isabella EMBLETON. He was born in Yorkshire, but moved to London where he married Rebecca MARINER at St Marylebone in 1829. Shortly after their marriage, Cuthbert took his new bride back to Yorkshire where their first child Henry was born at Lythe nr.Whitby in 1830. The family then moved to Cuthbert's birthplace of Richmond where their second child was born in 1831. By 1833, Cuthbert and Rebecca had moved to Lambeth, Surrey where Cuthbert worked as gardener and nurseryman and their other ten children were born. In 1841 the family was living at Ingleton Street, Brixton. Rebecca died in Lambeth in 1849 at the age of about forty two. So far as is known, Cuthbert never married again. He lived for many years with his son Richard, Initially at Ingleton Street and later at Cottage Green. When he died in St Bartholomew's Hospital in 1883 at the age of eighty two, the address given in Bermondsey was that of his daughter Mary.

Little is known of Cuthbert's siblings Henry (b.1804) and Mary (b.1805)

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Henry Cuthbert EMBLETON (b.1830)

Henry was born near Whitby in Yorkshire, but spent his childhood in Lambeth, Surrey where his parents had settled by 1833. By 1851, however, Henry had returned to Yorkshire and was living in Richmond - the birthplace of his father Cuthbert - at an address in Tower Street occupied by William Blades and his family. Henry was employed as a journeyman currier. He went on to marry Sarah Blades - daughter of William - in Richmond in September 1852. They remained in Richmond and had six children. Sarah died in 1865 at the age of thirty nine.

Henry had undoubtedly reached a turning point in his life being left a widower with six children. At some point in the next five years, he left Yorkshire with his eldest child Sarah Ann (b.1853) and went back to the London area. In 1871, Sarah was working as a dressmaker in St Sepulchre, Middlesex under the name of Sarah HAMBLETON. Her brother (b.1856) was living in Richmond with William Blades. The remaining brothers William George (b.1857), Henry (b.1859) and John Thomas (b.1863) were resident in the Union Workhouse in Richmond and the other daughter Alice (b.1861) was working as a domestic servant in Forcett, Yorkshire. Of Henry EMBLETON, there was no trace as, by 1870, he had changed his name to Henry HAMBLETON and moved to Shearsby, Leicestershire and married John's great grandmother Priscilla ELLIOTT. We can only speculate about Henry's reasons for covering his tracks in this manner, but it could have been a device to evade responsibility for the upkeep of his younger children.

Of Henry's siblings William (b.1831) became an engraver. Edwin Charles (b.1835) married Eliza Bowler and had six children. He worked as a bookbinder and tool cutter in various areas of London. Mary Mariner (b.1837) married Daniel SPENCE and lived in Bermondsey with their two children. John Tasker (b.1839) became a copperplate engraver in Camberwell and later in Ewell, Surrey. He married Elizabeth Sophia MARTIN and had five children. Thomas Humphrey (b.1840) worked as a wood engraver in Lambeth and Penge. He married Sophia HARDEN and they had three children. Joseph Storey (b.1842) worked as a wood engraver and then became a furrier in Camberwell. He married Mary TAPPING and had five children. Sarah Rebecca (b.1843) disappears after the 1861 census, but reappears in 1869 when, using the name Kate Embleton, she apparently bigamously married William Samuel MERCER whose first wife Julia BOYS lived until 1894. William and Kate had two children. After William's death in 1871, Kate lived on her own means in Hackney where she died in 1902. Richard (b.1845) remained in Lambeth and worked as engineer and copperplate engraver. He married Susan ASKEW and had four children.

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