Some notes on Pam's Clowes ancestors
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Stoke Families

See the Ipstones Families page for earlier generations.

William CLOWES (b.1789)

William was born in Ipstones the fourth child of Richard & Anne. He married Olive MELLOR (b.1795 Caldon) at Cheddleton in 1813. They went on to have fourteen children. In 1826, William & were living at Washer Meadow - probably the property owned by his elder brother Joseph and named in the latter's will. By 1851, William's family had moved to Hole House Farm, Bucknall where William farmed 50 acres and bred funeral horses. Whilst William and Olive were buried at Cheddleton, together with four of their children and one of their grandchildren, they were still living at Hole House Farm at the time of William's death in 1866. His will named eight of his nine children then living. Pam's great great grandfather William CLOWES was one of those named.

Of William's siblings, Joseph (b.1782) farmed at Pickershill in the township of Morridge (sic) in the parish of Ipstones. He also owned farms at New Barn in Morridge and at Washer Wall (or Washer Meadow) in the parish of Stoke-on-Trent. He married Hannah MAYER and had four children. Richard (b.1784) married Matilda FINNEY and went on to have seven children. At least two died in infancy. Richard & Matilda both died at Lady Edge, Ipstones. John (b.1786) worked as a Sawyer. He married Elizabeth Rowley and they had six children. Samuel (b.1791) married Penelope MELLOR. There were no known children. Samuel farmed at Meg Crofts, Ipstones where he died in 1875. Jonathan (b.1794) started out as a Sawyer and then bacame a Farmer and Timber Merchant at Daisy Bank. He married Elizabeth POOL and had eight children. Thomas (b.1797) worked variously as baker, brewer and master gardener. He married Mary TATTON and had eight children. James (b.1799) married Martha MELLER and had eight children. James farmed at Green Hills, Ipstones.

William CLOWES (b.1823)

William was baptised in the parish of Bucknall cum Bagnall in 1823 the sixth child of William and Olive CLOWES. He married Mary BOULTON at Burslem in November 1849. One of the witnesses was his brother-in-law John Nicklin. Mary was apparently carrying their second son Samuel at the time. He was baptized at Bucknall in March 1850. Their first son Charles was born out of wedlock in 1848. There is a GRO birth registration for Charles BOULTON born to Mary BOULTON at Baddeley Edge, Norton on 11 March 1848 with the father not named. There is, however, an entry in the Bagnall baptismal register dated 30 April 1848 for Charles BOULTON son of William and Mary BOULTON giving the date of birth as 11 March and the parents' abode as Baddeley Edge. This is clearly the same child, but it is not clear whether the father's surname is a mistake or a subterfuge.

The 1851 Census return shows William and Mary living at Abby, Bucknall in close proximity to William's parents. The eldest child is shown not as Charles, but as William (Boulton) CLEWES. This could have been a subterfuge to disguise the fact that Charles was illegitimate. It may be relevant that the Curate of Bucknall was lodging with William & Olive at Hole House Farm. The 1861 census return for Norton-in-the-Moors shows William and Mary CLOWES living at Baddeley Edge with five children. The name, age and birthplace of the eldest child, Charles, is consistent with him being Pam's great grandfather.

By 1881, Mary had died and William was farming 40 acres at Northwood Farm, Fenton. His will left his estate to be divided between his children after providing for the education of his youngest son Theophilus.

Of William & Olive's other children, Ann (b.1814) married Edward WOODWARD and died in 1861. She was buried at Cheddleton. Elizabeth (b.1815) married John BEARDMORE and had five children. Olivia (b.1817) died unmarried in 1834 and was buried at Cheddleton. Penelope (b.1818) married John NICKLIN and had six children. Martha (b.1821) married John EATON, initially a stone mason and later a farmer, and had nine children. Samuel (b.1825) farmed at Bucknall. He had four children by his first wife Mary Ann SHERRATT and a further five by his second wife Sarah FENTON.

James (b.1826) married Sarah SALMON and went on to have nine children - including Samuel (b.1864) who later became general secretary of the National Society of Pottery Workers and went on to become MP for Hanley in 1924. Samuel's son Harold CLOWES and daughter Doris ROBINSON both subsequently served as Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent.

Richard (b.1828), also a farmer at Bucknall, married Elizabeth SHERRATT and had four children. Charles (b.1829) died unmarried in 1843 and was buried at Cheddleton. Emma (b.1832) married William COLLIER and had six children. She was not mentioned in her father's will. Thomas (b.1834) is known to have had one child before he died in 1858. Frances (b.1836) died in infancy and was buried at Cheddleton. Lastly, Edward (b.1840), another farmer, had six children by his first wife Hannah FENTON and a further nine by his second wife Elizabeth WINKLE.

Charles CLEWS (b.1848)

Charles, the firstborn son of William & Mary, was already working as a coal miner at the time of the 1861 Census and continued to do so for the whole of his working life. He was living at High Street, Hanley, Staffs at the time of his marriage to Lucy GREAVES at Hanley Parish Church in 1872. In 1874 the family was living at Oak Street, Hanley and in 1881 at Bold Street, Northwood. The family subsequently moved to Fenton, living at Frederick Street in 1891 and at Sussex Place by 1895. The family remained at the latter address until Lucy's death in 1924. Charles continued living there until he died in 1932. Charles and Lucy had a total of nine children.

Of Charles' siblings, Emma (b.1854) married Matthew GIBBINS and had five children. Mary Ellen (b.1862) married Henry Jones and had six children. Edward (b.1857) worked as a coal miner. By 1911, he had moved to Lancashire where he died in 1923. He married Emily Mary Sheppard and they had eight children. The first seven were born in Staffordshire and the last, Harold, in Lancashire in 1907.William (b.1859) worked as an ironstone miner. He married Sarah YOUD in 1883 and had three children. mary Ellen (b.1862) married henry Jones and had seven children. Thomas (b.1864) worked as a potter's printer. he married Annie Adams and had eight children.Theophilus (b.1870) worked as a miner.

Florence Olive CLEWS (b.1874)

Photo of Florence Olive CLOWES

Florence (always known as Olive) was the second child of Charles and Lucy CLEWS. She married William EATON at Fenton Parish Church in 1895.

Olive had eight siblings. Of these, Mary Ellen (b.1873) married Henry PRITCHARD. They had four children. Arthur (b.1876) worked as a coal miner. He married Elizabeth LEESE in 1901 and had had five children. Martha (b.1878) married Joseph H REEVES and had three children. Harriet (b.1880) married Frederick BLOOR in 1903 and had at least two children. Rosannah (b.1882) died in infancy, but her twin Minnie survived and was working as a warehousewoman in Fenton in 1911. William (b.1885) worked as a coal miner. he married Elizabeth Hampton and had six children. Alice May (b.1889) married Herbert j Kelsall and had at least one child.

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