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Ancestors of James MARIS

Fifteenth Generation

16412. John ROGER 1 died in 1552 in Great Shelford, Cambs. John married Johan (ROGER).

John's will was proved 1 in 1552 in Ely, Cambs. He had a will 1 in 1552 in Great Shelford, Cambs.

BIOGRAPHY: Named in will of father John Roger

16413. Johan (ROGER) 1.

BIOGRAPHY: Named in will of husband John Roger


16416. Thomas HOWLINGE 1 died in 1520 in Great Shelford, Cambs. Thomas married Mary (HOWLINGE).

16417. Mary (HOWLINGE) was born about 1485 in Gtreat Shelford, Cambs.


16440. Robert KILLINGWORTH. Robert married Agnes (KILLINGWORTH).

16441. Agnes (KILLINGWORTH) died in 1521 in Hinton, Cambs.


16442. Thomas BERIFF was born in 1500 in Great Bradley, Suffolk. Thomas married (BERIFF).

16443. (BERIFF) was born in 1504 in Great Bradley, Suffolk. She died.


16444. Sir Giles ALINGTON 1, 2 was born in 1500 in Horseheath, Cambs. He died 3 on 20 Aug 1586 in Horseheath, Cambs. He was buried 3, 4 on 22 Aug 1586 in Horseheath, Cambs. Giles married Ursula DRURY about 1519 in Hawstead, Suffolk.

Giles had a will 5, 6, 7, 8 in 1586. His will was proved 5, 6, 7, 8 on 8 Oct 1586 in Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

BIOGRAPHY: By 1470 the manor was in two moieties. In 1499, after Margaret's death, Wimbold released the reversion of her moiety to Joan's son Richard (d. 1512), whose son and heir William Methwold sold his manor of BOWERHALL with 200 a. of arable in 1529 to Sir Giles Alington (d. 1586), with whose estate it thenceforth passed. [VCH Vol 6 p73]  The Alingtons and their successors dominated the parish economically from the early 16th century. In 1524 Giles Alington was taxed on £88 out of the £170 then assessed upon it, only two others having goods taxed even at £10, while 21 out of 35 tax­payers paid only on £1. [VCH Vol 6 p75]  Knighted by 1541 [VCH Vol 6 p71]  In 1542 Sir Giles Aling­ton was employing and paying a stipendiary priest.[VCH Vol 6 p78]  In 1550 Sir Giles Alington obtained leave to convert into a deer-park another 400 a. of enclosed grass and woodland in Horseheath, West Wickham, and Withersfield (Suff.) [VCH Vol 6 p72]  Inherited gold ring on death of his son Robert in 1552.  In Horseheath Church is the following inscription:   "Sir Gyles Alyington Knighte, Sonne and Heyre of Sir Gyles Alyington Knighte Died XX Augustii AN MDLXXXVI and in the year of his age LXXXVI.He first married Ursula Daughter of Sir Robert Drury Knighte and by her had issue Robert. Secondly he married Alice daughter and heyre of John Middleton esquire before wife of Thomas Elsington Esquire and by her had issue Thomas, Richard, William, Philip, Jane, Ann, Frances, Elizabeth, Joan and Margaret and thirdly he married Margaret Daughter of John Talkarne Esquire before wife of Thomas Argyll Esquire and by her had no issue. Here under lyeth buried Sir Giles Alyington Knight who died 25 April 1522. He married Marye, the only daughter and heire of Richard Gardener, Knight, and by her had issue Gyles, George, William, John, Anthonie, Roberte, Richard, Awdrye,Joanne and Mary." (LH)

16445. Ursula DRURY 1, 2, 3 was born 4 about 1500 in Hawstead, Suffolk. She was christened 4 in Hawstead, Suffolk. She died 5 in 1522 in Horseheath, Cambs. She was buried 4 in 1522 in Hawstead, Suffolk.


16446. Sir William CONINGSBY was born in 1486 in Norfolk, England. He died 1 on 10 Sep 1540 in Watlington, Norfolk, England. William married Beatrix THURSBY.

William's will was proved 2 on 12 Oct 1540 in Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

BIOGRAPHY: Educated at Eton and elected in 1497 to King's College Cambridge. Married Beatrix second daughter of Thomas Thoresby of Lynn (founder of Thoresby College and great benefactor of St Margaret's Church in Lynn).
Belonged to the Inner Temple and was Treasurer of the Inn in 1525/26. In June 1529, he was appointed a commissioner to assist cardinal Wolsey in hearing causes in Chancery. He was also prothonotary of the Common Please and Attorney of the Duchy of Lancaster.
Was in the Commission of the Peace for Norfolk from 1514. His Norfolk residences were Eston Hall, Wallington and a house in Wooollen Street, Lynn. He owned other manors in Norfolk including Wiltons in West Winch.
In 1524, he was elected Recorder of Lynn. In 1536, he was elected one of the burgesses of the borough.
On New Year's Eve 1539, he accompanied the Duke of Norfolk in the reception of Anne of Cleves at Rochester.
In 1540 he was dismissed from office for "having counselled a private affair to the prejudice of the King's rights and revenues" and was imprisoned in the Tower of London for ten days. Coningsby was pardoned shortly afterwards, called to the degree of the coif and on 5th July 1540 raised to the King's Bench. he died on 10th September in the same year.
Decribed as "one of the judges of the lawe" on Memorial Inscription to son-in-law Robert Alington in Horseheath Church.
Named in will of wife Beatrix.

16447. Beatrix THURSBY was born in Wallington, Norfolk. She died in 1543 in St Nicholas, Lynn, Norfolk.

Beatrix's will was proved 1 on 12 Jul 1543 in Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

BIOGRAPHY: Inherited gold rings in will of husband William Coningsby in 1540. Named as sole executrix.


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