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Ancestors of James MARIS

Fourteenth Generation

8206. William ROGERS 1 died in 1567 in Great Shelford, Cambs. William married Pandonye.

William worked 1 as Yeoman in 1567 in Great Shelford, Cambs. He had a will 2, 3 in 1567 in Great Shelford, Cambs. [Parents]

8207. Pandonye 1.

BIOGRAPHY: Named in will of husband William Rogers


8208. Thomas HOWLINGE 1 was born about 1510 in Great Shelford, Cambs. He died in 1560. He was buried on 16 Apr 1560 in Great Shelford, Cambs. Thomas married Jone (HOWLINGE). [Parents]

8209. Jone (HOWLINGE) 1 was born about 1512 in Great Shelford, Cambs. She died in 1558. She was buried on 29 Oct 1558 in Great Shelford, Cambs.


8220. Richard KILLINGWORTH died in 1586 in Great Bradley, Suffolk. Richard married Margaret BERIFF in 1549 in Great Shelford, Cambs. [Parents]

8221. Margaret BERIFF. [Parents]


8222. Robert ALINGTON 1, 2, 3 was born about 1520 in Horseheath, Cambs. He died on 22 May 1552 in Horseheath, Cambs. He was buried 4 in Horseheath, Cambs. Robert married Margaret CONINGSBY about 1539 in Bottisham, Cambs.

Robert had a will 5, 6 on 15 May 1552. His will was proved 5, 6 on 23 Aug 1552 in Prerogative Court of Canterbury. [Parents]

BIOGRAPHY: Inherited from grandfather Robert Drury "when he comythe to the age of 21 yeres a gilte cuppe covered price 10 marke ssterlinge." Robert Alington's will made individual bequests to children and mother with residue to wife Margaret.
Named in will of father-in-law William Coningsby in 1540. Inherited gold ring.
Named in will of mother-in-law Beatrix Coningsby in 1541. Inherited a gilt cup.
Inscription in Horseheath Church: "Robert Alington son and heyre apparent of Sir Gyles Alinton Knighte died XXII Maii AN MDLII He married Margaret the daughter of William Coniesby one of the judges of the lawe and by her had issue John Gyles James George Alice Ann margaret Elizabeth Frauncys and Beatrix"

8223. Margaret CONINGSBY 1, 2 was born about 1522. She died 3 on 16 May 1598 in Bottisham, Cambs. She was buried in May 1598 in Bottisham, Cambs. [Parents]

BIOGRAPHY: Named in will of father William Coningsby in 1540 inherited gold ring.
Inherited residue of estate of husband Robert in 1552.
Named in will of mother Beatrix Coningsby in 1541. Inherited a gold chain.
Named in will of father-in-law Sir Giles Alington (d.1586). Inherited ingraved gold ring.
In Bottisham Church a fine monument has been erected. "Here lieth Margaret, the daughter of William Conningsbye, of King's Lynn, one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, at Westminster, who married with Roberte Allington, Esq. son and heir of Sir Gyles Allington of Horseheath, Knight, by whom she had five sons and six daughters, that is to say,William, John, Gyles, James and George, Alice, Ann, Margaret, Elizabeth, Frances and Beatrice, and after she married with Thomas Pledger Esq."


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